We want justice

Starting from the ancient times, honest people have searched for justice.

Dacian wars here can remember when Dacians fought with so much dedication to their beliefs: the right libertate.Pot still remembered by: Michael the Brave, who believed as having been performed Austro-Hungarian union of Transylvania with Rumania us some justice. Saint John Wheel, which complains at being spat Cuza for justice and an end, being kissed on his cheek where he was going and get scuipat.Istoria in 1916, when Rumania entered the war to recover the Rumanian territories, such as justice.Arrive in 1944, when Marshal Antonescu and King Michael arrested over leadership of the country, turning weapons fascist Germany.Next we come to a most delicate topic. Revolution of 1989.Sensitive to the desire for freedom romanian  had a high price: a few thousand people died for us to have freedom and dreptate.JUST THEORETICAL.
We can talk much about justice, but the truth is that we have justice.
The press is increasingly fenced, the law is not respected in CASE Professor, folly of Kill NECK YOUNG MONEY EVEN IF YOU sleep on the sidewalk and money all the dead is Guilty.

“Why there?”
Lot of talking, but so first.
If you have your homework, I expect on e-mail address:


And promises that IF GENERAL INTEREST SUNT  I shall take it very seriously.

PS-IM HAPPY ALL BUT named Gheorghe and its derivatives (VARIANT male or female


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One Response to “We want justice”

  1. Crazy Creek Says:

    Stop looking for justice in Romania; it’s a waste of time.

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