2.Mother Teresa

Her real name Agnes Gorexa Bojaxhiu, was born on August 27 1910la Skopje, Macedonia, a Catholic Albanian family.The family has great influence in choosing a vocation, food and clothing fell in poor father and his mother grew up in a Christian spirit.

At the age of 18 years, Agnes left for Ireland, joined the Missionary Sisters of SORETO.Isi do apprenticeship in India, which gets the name of Mother Teresa.
In 1950 Pope receives approval to initiate the Congregation Missionaries of Charity, then founded the House of dying in Calcutta and Centre for lepers.
Branches of the Missionaries of Charity were established and Rome, Vatincan, USA, America SUD.Insulele Caribbean, Africa and Middle East.

Along life received important distinctions, 124 international awards and Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
Ingrjirea hard work for the poor, the weak inima.Totusi even after a heart attack suffered in 1989, she continued to relieve suffering altora.Insa after eight years to 5 September, the heart ceases to beat him, and Mother Teresa, move the Lord.
EA is the symbol of Faith and devotion Supreme CREDINTA.CHIAR EARTH IF WE ARE ON OUR Mother Teresa died in INIMELE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A HOLY SYMBOL AND SUPRENME gift of faith.



3 Responses to “2.Mother Teresa”

  1. Teresa Valenzuela’s Big UCLA Moment - All the Best Nursing Colleges Says:

    […] 2.Mother Teresa « Wordchicken's Blog […]

  2. Alexandra Says:

    One of the greatest personalities of our times! She was a saint, God forgive her!

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