Happy Birthday dearest ANYTA!

Florin Cirstea not know who he is, but it is impressive, even exciting comment. what I understand who is this Irina Corduneanu and who is entitled to break legea.observ that there is full circle, and director if school closes ochii.am read comments and to my surprise is not the only person who complains of such words are corduneanu.emotionante Irina, who broke up after this young Hungarian woman (by name, I hope I’m not mistaken), has only words beautiful and praise at ei.este shameful that in 2010 an employee of Rumanian Police, is engaged in a game of high school.
even if it got me something I did to get personally involved to find out who is this anyta, to learn the true story doi.i
I wish and EU, Danieala  Cretulescu a warm “Happy Birthday” fulfillment of all desires.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday dearest ANYTA!”

  1. Zamfir POP Says:

    Dumnezeu să te ierte, SuperDăşteptule fără obraz!

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