He died a colossus, a House, a star, the biggest star of Romanian folk music.

John was born in the village  Persinari, Dambovita county.
In 1961, Maria Tanase followed a tour by two to three weeks Dambovita county. He debuted in the 18 years, the Culture House of Targoviste. In 1966 he graduated from Targoviste Ienăchiţă Văcărescu and attended the School of Popular Art.  In 1966 he became a soloist in the ensemble of “Skylark.

He was married to Justina Băluţeanu First, Then with Maria Ciobanu. Wife used to have with HIS son, Ionut Dolanescu, BUT DID note the marriage last. In 1975 the second child is born, Dragos Carlos, whose mother is Margarita Valenciano, from Costa Rica who was a student at the University Then of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj. Ionut is Also a popular folk singer and Dragos HIS Carlos has done studies in Romania today is a Psychologist in Costa Rica and having Two Children, grandchildren John Dolanescu HIS Maria de Jesus, born in 2001 and John Angel Dolanescu-Daring, born 2005 . Ionut is from HIS Nephew, Vlad, born in 2008

Ion Dolanescu have 65 years.

Born on January 25, 1944, John Dolanescu was folk singer and member of the legislature from 2000 to 2004, elected on party lists Ilfov GRP.

Persinari native village, Dambovita, Dolanescu had a significant discography, with numerous recordings for radio and television and many shows.

He is known and performed duets with singer Maria Ciobanu, and their son, Ionut Dolanescu.

In 1966 he graduated from Targoviste Ienăchiţă Văcărescu and attended the Popular Art School.

The first songs they recorded on the radio are “more Lenuţo, past the hill” and “good girl would be proud.” He recorded over 50 albums, including “I was born near the Carpathians”, “country songs and ballads of novices ‘,’ blues and party songs” and “Haulica.

In collaboration with Maria Ciobanu recorded light music album “Today is your birthday.” He also worked with Maria Tanase, Maria Ciobanu Elena Ionela Prodan Merişoreanu.

He received gold disc for the entire activity 1970/1996

Before 1989 he was accused of illicit gains, operating at Ioana Radu Nicolae Ceausescu in his favor, but one time was considered persona non grata.Acest episode inspired the famous hit “Work with my mouth my money took Prosecution”
A time relationship between him and Ionut very cool, because it is reconciled with his mother and refused to marry Loghin.A Irinuca was married folk singer Maria Ciobanu.

John Dolanescu recorded over his career, no less than 50 albums on vinyl and CD. [3] [8] was an artist with a substantial discography, with numerous recordings and TV and radio with a rich concert activity. Many songs they played in duet with Maria Ciobanu Ionut Dolanescu and, more recently, and lately, in which he reconciled with her. He also collaborated with Ionela Prodan and Elena Merişoreanu.
Several popular music of Ion Dolanescu:
“I was born near the Carpathian
“Gorjule, garden fresh”
“Since on-earth”
“Mândro when we loved us”
“Let me live my wife”
“My unforgettable, Mary
“They, whore, come over here” (duet with Maria Ciobanu)
Face-I would nightingale “(duet with Maria Ciobanu)
“In the spring under the hill” (duet with Maria Ciobanu)

I have complained on many great master, but among lacrmi told us a few words.

Gheorghe Turda close friend of John Dolanescu, recalls with regret the “man of great kindness.”

Sofia Vicoveanca: “We are poor,” says bucovineanca. It remembers about concerts they have done together, but also reliable friend John Dolanescu. “He was the man who, if necessary, lay your hands. It’s a pity,” said Sofia Vicoveanca with pain.

Voicu: “John was Dolanescu banner Romanian music, which went so quickly and unexpectedly of us”

onela Prodan: “I learned from him success on stage and the audience. It is extremely difficult for the singer who was one of the most fruitful collaboration, to receive news of the disappearance of a man “without equal in the world.”

Stela Popescu: “It is a blow for the world. In communist times, people took it easy and were happier when they sing it.”
Iancu Nicolae Furdui: “I worked a lot with him, but I’ve always appreciated John Dolanescu artist, his vast repertoire, which included all of Romania. He is and will remain a big name in Romanian folklore.
Freeman’s native village

Ion Dolanescu will be appointed, posthumously, an honorary citizen of his native village Persinari, Dambovita county and local Cultural House will bear his name.

as you already know, close this article with autobiographical song lyrics of the great artist.

I was born near the Carpathian
At the bottom of the mountain
In a house with many brothers
And with many longings.
Raised among the fir and beech
At the bottom of the mountain
Near dear sheep
More songs.
Oh, mother, mother
What I fear living in the world
Oh, mother, mother
Longings are not taken into account.

A nun when I’ve done,
Green beans, chickpeas
You asked me miss the litter
Green bean chickpea
You asked me miss, I have swaddled
Green March rotated
And I miss you connected
Green March rotated
Oh, mother, mother
What I fear living in the world
Oh, mother, mother
Longings are not taken into account.

You rocked foot
The peony flower
As I crowns with Doru ‘
The peony flower
With longing and long road,
Green beans, chickpeas
I love to get a
Green beans, chickpeas
Oh, mother, mother
The yearning, longing and song
Oh, mother, mother
I was nervous, ‘stamping soul.
Oh, mother, mother
What I fear living in the world
Oh, mother, mother
Longings are not taken into account.


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