Happy Birthday Dear Madam,MARIA CIOBANU

Maria Ciobanu

Maria Ciobanu, SAU CIOCIRLIA România sa născut la 3 septembrie 1937 de tomate judetul Valcea Domnului

Multe din piesele de repertoriu a devenit populare, cum ar fi “Snake, buruieni şarpe”, “Ultima noapte când am dormit”, “Buna draga mea, pentru mine, Marin”, “Ia-mă, domnişoară, şi ia-mă, ia-mă! “, “La naiba, iubito,” “Spune-mi frate, du-te, du-te du-te?”, “gorjencele Hăulică”, Lie “ciocârlia” si lista ar putea .
Maria Ciobanu este castigator al festivalului naţional “Cântarea din România, capturarea primul loc în concursul pentru populara ţara de solişti profesionale, în 1977.

TODAY CIOCIRLIA Rumania bouquet has 73 LIFE OF ROSES. On this occasion I wish a warm Happy MORE enclosure and get the golden voice of his.
Brother, miss you
Caught me, miss, of Marin
Near water Jiu
Leave, leave, well, brother
Snake, snake weeds
Grass-leaves in woods
In beech stem
Cry forest ‘and grass
I would make the bird-flight
I look on Gilort, up
Than ask me a little flower
Brother, soul Oltenian
Rubbish Turturica
Damn you, mândro, you, being
Four oxen twisted horn
Colo-n vale, in-răritură
Left, Olten, to sew
I hear you, Ion, dogs barking
Go, brother, do not know where
A last, longing, once
They, whore, come over here (Mr. Ion Dolanescu)
My dear, to be, ranger (John S. Dolanescu)
I would make Nightingale (d. John Dolanescu)
Come, brother, until the threshold
The forest with many flowers
Both live sheep and sheep have girl
Bechetu pride ‘
Who knows what Doru ‘
Well, brother, well, Gorj
It has, cireşar months
What’s Gilortu ‘and Motru’
I walked among Răzoare
An ugly, left home
Would be, bo ‘, by a hefty
You know, brother, how I lived?
Why did not you come tonight? –
And it is, sometime, to die
I never went wider world – mix
If only the world like me – mix
My dear, brother, the hunter ‘- I
Caught me, miss, of Marin
Near water Jiu
Rubbish Turturica
Brother, soul Oltenian
Everyone, say-so
Am song, who have guided, In a world increasingly Misery, ONLY THIS CIOCIRLII Tracks wholeheartedly Olteanca SAPS, we have SOUL Deleted tear. Happy Again Lord, Maria Ciobanu



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