Remember the post-December Rumanian FATHER CONSTITUTION, remember Senator ANTONIE IORGOVAN APPROACH TO

Lilac Anthony was born on 9 August 1948 in the village in the commune Gornea Sichevita (Caras-Severin county). After graduating from elementary studies in his native village and two Joint High School class Resita in 1964 he enrolled as a student at the Military School “Stefan cel Mare” Moldovan Campulung, where he graduated in 1966. Then, for another year student at the Military School was superior officers “Balcescu of Sibiu. Since 1970, he was a member of the Romanian Communist Party (RCP).
Between 1968-1972 he studied at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest, whose courses he graduated with a diploma of merit 9.87 average, head of the class as Public Law specialization. In 1979 he earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Bucharest thesis liability offenses. In 1982, graduate seminar “American Law and Legal Institutions in Salzburg (Austria).
Since 1972, Anthony Lilac is employed as a lecturer at the Department of Public Law Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest. He ascended the hierarchy of all staff: trainee assistant professor (1972-1975), assistant professor titular subjects: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Financial Law, Labor Law (1975-1980), lecturer, administration and science discipline Administrative Law ( 1981-1990), associate professor in the subject of Administrative Law, named by the Minister of Education no. 6696/1993 (1990-1993). Since 1993, holds the position of professor at the university.
Since 1995 leading to the Ph.D. in the subject of Administrative Law. Between 1995-1996 and 2003-2004 was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Paris 1 (Pantheon – Sorbonne). Since 1995 he is Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Romanian Institute of Administrative Sciences, based in Sibiu. In 1998 is elected as president of the Romanian-German University of Sibiu, the University Foundation for European Integration. He served as professor of the University “Nicolae Titulescu in Bucharest.
Along with teaching, Professor Lilac became a barrister in 1996 Bucharest Bar, is the coordinator of civil society advocates “Prof. Lilac and Associates, based in Bucharest.
He was married Niculina Lilac, a former judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, with whom he had a son, George Anthony Lilac.
Lilac Anthony died on 4 October 2007, at a clinic in Vienna, after a long suffering as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest against a pancreatic cancer, surgery relapsed with metastases. He was buried in Belu Cemetery with military honors (as was the knight of the Order “Faithful Service”), funeral service was officiated by Bishop Vincent Ploiesteanul Patriarchal Assistant
but if we talk about the great politician and see what he has done for Romania, in addition to creating the first and the only complex constitution of a state in total chaos, where everyone enjoyed that u got rid of Nicolae Ceausescu and most interpret democracy through theft, fraud and smuggling everywhere. examples history has given us a lot.
related to the history of post this morning star has pasoptiste separate file instead of writing letters of gold, who wrote history with a brain, despite the setbacks, which were many.
During December 1989 – June 1990, he worked as an expert teacher at Lilac Legal, constitutional and human rights in the NSFC (then PCNU). Following the parliamentary elections of 20 May 1990, he was elected as an independent senator from Caras-Severin, the only parliamentary party elected on the list in the Parliaments of Romania after 1990. In this term, he was part of the National Liberal Party parliamentary group. He acted as Chairman of the Drafting Committee the draft Constitution of Romania (Constituent Assembly). He also took part in the drafting committee of the Senate of the draft regulation.
He resigned on 9 June 1992 from the Romanian Parliament as it was called by the Senate in the dignity of the Constitutional Court of Romania for a term of nine years. He also resigned and the Constitutional Court of Romania in 1996. He has led or been part of numerous parliamentary delegation of the Constitutional Court or in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc..) In the U.S. and Canada, South America (Venezuela) and Africa (Tunisia), etc.
Between the years 1996-1998, was president of the Ecological Movement of Romania (MER) and the 1996 parliamentary elections he ran on behalf of the National Union Centre (MER PDAR PUR), were not chosen. In 1998 he joined the Social Democracy Party, was subsequently elected National Council and the Board of Directors. From June to November 2000, was a counselor in Prahova county.
Following elections in November 2000, Anthony was elected as a senator Lilac Prahova on behalf of the Party of Social Democracy of Romania (PSDR current PSD). In this capacity, he was part of the legal commission for appointments, discipline, immunities and validations (as Chairman), the Committee for Equality between women and men and the Committee for drafting the legislative proposal on revising the Constitution.
It is re-elected as senator PSD Prahova lists following the parliamentary elections of November 2004. In this term, was part of the legal commission for appointments, discipline, immunities and validations of the Senate.
but beyond polician illustrate career, Anthony lilac was an excellent lawyer, but to see what works gold lilac teacher left us:
Lilac Anthony has written several courses of Administrative Law, a Constitutional Law course, the Treaty of administrative law occurred in 2002, co-author of the 2003 constitutional revision.
He has published more than 50 significant studies in specialized legal journals in the country and abroad, a total of five courses of Administrative Law and science university administration, that the Constitutional and political institutions (the latter, constitutional law and political institutions has been published House Gallery “JLCalderon, 1994). He edited a number of 8 monographs, alone and in collaboration, including:
Constitution, commented and annotated (Gazette Journal “, Bucharest, 1992) – in collaboration;
Constitution drafting Odyssey (Ed. ‘Romanian Hearth’, Tg. Mures, 1998);
Treaty of Administrative Law, vol 2 (Ed. Nemira, 2000, reprinted in 2001 and 2005);
Revision of the Constitution – Explanations and Comments (Ed. Rosetti, 2003);
Romanian Constitution, revised, comments and explanations (Ed. ALL BECK, 2004) – Collaborative

The new Administrative Litigation Law – genesis and explanation (Ed. “Wheel”, 2004, reissued in 2006).
asked what she said about him:
“A country that has no teacher like crazy Lilac, that a man who pulls him universities, research institutes, writing monographs, treatises, so theoretically fundamenteză what will be designed as the law, so the country is doomed without teacher Lilac to progress”

many of our lawmakers sleep on our money, but to convince our parliamentary life of Senator lilac, I attached sheet published on site policy Romanian parliamentarian:

nthony Lilac

Parliamentary Activity
legislative initiatives
mediation committees
Plenary speeches

You are in section: Home page> Legislature 2004-2008> Senate> Anthony Lilac
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2004-2008
Constituency no.31 elected senator PRAHOVA
National Union PSD PUR lists
validation date: February 17, 2004 – HS 57/2004
end of the mandate: October 4, 2007 – died
replaced by: Daniel Savu
Member of the Permanent Bureau

Parliamentary session: February. – September. 2006 – Secretary – until March. 2006
September. 2005 – feb. 2006
February. – September. 2005
dec. 2004 – January. 2005
Political party:

PSD – Social Democratic Party
Parliamentary group:

Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Group
Standing Committees
Legal, appointments, discipline, immunities and validations
Special Committee on amending and supplementing the Senate – Vice President
Joint Standing Committees
European Affairs Committee of the Romanian Parliament
Permanent Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate on the Status of Deputies and Senators, organization and operation of joint meetings of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Committee for European Integration (until December. 2006)
Parliamentary friendship groups of countries:

Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Austria – in April. 2007
– Until oct. 2007
Parliamentary Group for UNESCO – until oct. 2007
Parliamentary group of friendship with Albania – until oct. 2007
Parliamentary group of friendship with Japan – until oct. 2007
Parliamentary Friendship Group with the Syrian Arab Republic – until oct. 2007
Parliamentary Friendship Group with Serbia – until oct. 2007
Parliamentary activity in figures:

Antonie Iorgovan

Plenary speeches: 118 (in 82 sessions)
– Political declarations *: 4
* – Only political statements made in the time allotted them, according to the program.
Legislative proposals initiated: 10
Member of: 2 mediation committees
Read phonetically
Parliamentary Activity
legislative initiatives
mediation committees
Plenary speeches
people like Anthony are born once every ten thousand years.
Hope IN BUT WE HAVE A nephew of former Senator, Flavius INSPECTOR APPROACH, which up to one point, he follows in the footsteps UNCLE, pray tell us Uncle FEW WORDS ABOUT THE LORD OF POLICE INSPECTOR SAYS REFUGEE Timis:
“I owe my uncle, however, advice and help’S ARE THEIR NAME WAS A MAN IN POLICE ROMINA.A CALCULATOR, we think chess players, or opponents Intuit WHO WILL SAY AND ASA’S ALWAYS HAVE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ASKED, Rest Uncle IN PEACE AND THANKS FOR WHAT YOU ARE, I would have done it without you
“God rest in peace AND IF YOU MAY revert even for a day to guide us and saved a disaster is imminent.


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  1. guess who Says:

    Unul dintre cei mai mari profesori de drept constitutional şi administrativ precum şi părintele consitutiei.

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