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June 3, 2010

A friend asked me it I asked what ajut.l and gave me a letter which asked me to publish it.

Dear Linda

Sorry to have disappeared, that evaporated. But a trivial accidentm has kept away from you.
As I told you I was in Arad and one night had to intervene in a local scandal, which he had under contract.Colegul died and I are in the hospital.
Forgive me as I dsat no sign of life, but honestly do not know if I had.
this time away from tacalda and suave voice made me reflect on you, to me and if you AUI noi.Chiar a joke told to me I want to be together and what we do and a baby ..
Even if you’re me Dili (not that I’d pre great deal) but you have something special. That attracts me.
Do not know if you have the chance or not, but even so I console myself with the thought that I cunboscut an angel.

My life that I was chaotic, but when you know you (that you’ve added pepper) that I was recently linistit.Cit you’ll leave the company, even if you’ll be with you or not .. I want to have a quiet family, we grow nepoteii (if you’ll have the honor with you.
Was related to: LA Bitch Ma me back even though you NU.Totul Tis you or girl has passed the limit and limit.
(It is part of his letter to the front. I hope to be together and happy)