March 27, 2011
  • Liviu Vasilica
  • Alan Vasilica, folk singer, was born on July 2, 1950IN PLOSCA, Teleorman county.

Vasilica Alan was a Romanian folk music singer in the region of Teleorman, Muntenia. He began his artistic work of folk singer since a student (1974-1980), earning it first place in all stages of the National Students Art Festival, the original repertoire and style of interpretation.
His passion led him to collect folklore costumes authentic teleormanene, making, in just a few years, a rich collection that is currently in the Heritage Ensemble Songs and Dances “Burnas” in Alexandria.Alan started work Vasilica artistic singer of popular music since a student (1974-1980), earning it first place in all stages of the National Students Art Festival, the original repertoire and style of interpretation.

Passion for folklore led Alan Vasilica teleormanene to collect authentic folk costumes.

A life dedicated to Romanian folklore and popular tradition. An outlaw, after it, after the port. A single stamp, an unmistakable voice, a repertoire as well. It was, in few words, Alan Vasilica.

Throughout his career, Alan has made known Vasilica a rich repertoire, innovative, especially authentic.

Alan Vasilica founded in 1987, Teleorman assembly.

In parallel with mizica, Alan worked as a pediatrician Vasilica and village people appreciated him for the way they behave with children.

Alan Vasilica interpreter tried, whenever possible, not to change lettering teleormanean authenticity.

He was a loving husband and father, had a special care that everyone in his family to be well.
Florina Vasilică, artist wife, we talked about the special relationship that exists between them. “Let’s talk about Alan as an artist, as a minstrel, singer of popular music, folklore collector, collector of costumes, the songs, the keeper of the authentic, a true lover of folklore teleormănean, a keeper of traditions and folk customs teleormănene (“Gurban”, “Wedding-n Teleorman”, “Lăzărelul”, “Drăgaica”), training and promotion group “Teleorman”, Ensemble of Songs and Dances “Burnas” in Alexandria, it might be easier, because all this is Alan’s card Vasilica, dowry which has left its survivors. ”

They love to be a doctor. “I love this profession that has chosen to practice until the end of life, because you put in front of the children, whom he loved very much. So maybe God gave him four children, to be his. ”

HUSBAND. How was Alan as a husband? “Let’s talk about who was the husband Alan Vasilică father Alan Vasilică is harder. Because, in private life, he was an ordinary man. You should always know where each of us does, whether he is well, if I need something. We respect and take care of his mother, his relatives, whom he loved very much – uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews.

It is very difficult to talk about how we met, how and when we got married, as they passed the 23 years spent together, especially since it coincided not know how, but even in this period, namely the February 28, would have turned 27 years of our marriage.

I was married convinced we realized in a short time after we met that we want and we must find and build our own place, a place called “home.” We had all the happiness, love, joy, warmth, understanding.

Place of creation was for Alan home. When we got married, I was a teacher, his physician assistant. Then I knew that I marry a man whom I loved, a good man with noble soul. A modest man, who was knocking at the doors of pediatrician career, a profession he loved very much and who had always served with love. ”

A man full of life. “Alan Vasilică husband was particularly happy, funny, always made jokes and his wife, with much laughter. Of course, that as I was. Our house from the first day was filled with love, happiness and, to my surprise, the song, humming songs all the time. In the first year of marriage, in October began to participate in various folk festivals (New Song in Mehedinti, then on the hill Teleormănel).

Then he began to collect folklore teleormănean to form a personal repertoire. Folklore that picking bearing age. He was convinced that the villages are plenty of old songs, still unexplored. Armed with a tape and a lot of patience to beat the gates of which was unknown or they have a song about a song known variant.

He went many times can the same person as the bearer of the song does not always have a liking for playing the right way or some simply could not be persuaded to be registered. Consider that “folklore is a concern to collect heavy”, that “you should expect, the man hit him in a particular state.” After the “load” of these fortunes, Alan came home, instead of the love for creation. Listen to songs over and over again. Meanwhile, his soul to “process” and, when you are ready, that gave them a personal note, I am “‘s”, give them the public trust and love that always loved and respected alike.

In this repertoire and has made himself added a special traditional costume consisting of old songs, actually the village of dowry chest. He found ipingeaua, being first to raise it again to the rank of honor, silk shirt sewn with good taste, girdle of wool, wool obielele, cap, and last but not least, sandals.

Slowly, the road began to climb the assertion, that way all the time with my family went with the children whom we had together, and Barry Livingston.

But years passed, he became a known name in world folklore, children have made great, and each pursuing his lifetime. His life was divided between family, the medical profession and all that involves artistic activity.

When he wanted to forget about work issues, just waiting to recondition the national shirt. Arrange on a work painstakingly pearls, sequins, sewing needles and thread, and only when all were ready to settle down. First recondition his shirt, then, if necessary, an “adorned” discreet, where required, with pearls and sequins. I take my tapestry and he started to sew together. While working he liked to tell what made the day, what plans has told me what had cases in my office, sang a song, more story-ria child’s something … ”

Memories are many. But … “Many can not say. I am locked in my heart. They are another dowry that Alan Vasilică left it, but I left it only me to help me to have the strength to live without it until we will meet again to continue what I started here on Earth.

I would like to thank the good Lord, because Alan Vasilică existed because it was good to me and I destined to be a wife, girlfriend, mother of his children, friend, confidante, counselor and support of basic and well hard. ”

Margarit buds
Long-leaved forest
Come, go with trasioara
Arza would fire up the missed
Danube Danube



LIVIU VASILICA-Ph.D. heart of gold

August 25, 2010

Liviu Vasilica

She was born on 2 July 1950, jointly flasks Teleorman County.
was a Romanian folk musician region Teleorman, Muntenia. Began his artistic activity lead singer of popular music since college period (1974-1980), clasându is first in all stages of the national Student Arts Festival, the original repertoire and style of interpretation.
Passion for collecting folklore led teleormănene authentic costumes, performing in a few years, a rich collection which is now in Heritage Ensemble of Songs and Dances “Burnaşul” in Alexandria.

Disappearance was premature at only 54 years when his career maturity is left deep traces in the souls of those who knew him and loved him.

If Vasilica Alan’s happened too early and too the unthinkable, which made us think about every minute that there are people around us that valuable, maybe tomorrow we will not see.

She began her artistic work of a singer of popular music ever since college (1974 – 1980), clasandu is first in all stages of the National Students Art Festival, the original repertoire and style of interpretation.

Like for Doina born with a voice that says more than the songs themselves, Alan Vasilica became slowly, a full bard.
Its occurrence was unmistakable.
With wool socks and ipingeaua heroically thrown on the shoulder.
This costume was completing the picture of a genuine artist, keeper of Romanian symbols.

“Marine your wedding,” Come on with trasioara “, or” on us at Teleorman “are songs that definitely have heard at least once in every Roman house.
When you say Alan Vasilica, do you think those immortal lines:
“Come on, with trasioara / Up-n hill Marioara / horse goes to step / And then make camp.”

Alan Vasilica brought back on stage singing group, spin old songs revealed an invaluable artistic and documentary.
When appearing in public with young group “Teleorman”, success was guaranteed.
Some of those who launched the popular music singers are
performers known and appreciated today:
Gelu Voicu Nicusor Jordan.

Vasilica Alan was also a pediatrician. . . What could be more wonderful than to love and children, and folklore and traditions of a country?
He was a man elected.
In the village we appreciate everyone’s.
Because it was a good man.
A real artist.
A cheerful man who loved mirth.

Day and afternoon medical interpreter had no time for his passion and life than others.
<<From the doctor a pill for the soul. . .
and the artist’s whole soul in every song.>>
Vasilica Alan is one of the artists who made two things at once.
There was no formal balance the teaching of music and doctor.
He did well both “jobs”.

A life dedicated to Romanian folklore and traditions.
An outlaw, after it, after the port.
A single stamp, an unmistakable voice, a repertoire as well.
It was in a few words
Liviu Vasil.

Liviu Vasil will remain forever in our hearts as we have known:
cheerful, optimistic and full of life.
His songs will always resonate, will be present in human memory and will never cease to amaze, delight and thrill.

Are some of famous pieces, which GRAND DOCTOR of our souls treated us over the years:

Let’s go with Trestioara
Marine your wedding
I Puica hill valley
Gheorghe seem milling
Meadow girl, meadow YELL
Based on our Teleorman
George drinker than my
How many flowers Calmatui
Who I miss and thirst
Damn you got to be the brown
Danube water violin
Hello proud sound
In forest Vartoape
Arza you would miss fire
The street from my dear
Margarit bud
What are you looking at me Daiciţa
Long-leaf forest
Forest marry prince
Look whore beat a fault
I died so now not
What I thought I put Lelit-
Danube Danube
Ascend the hill, down to the valley.